Tabak Invest Slovakia

The company was founded in June 2007. It was established for import of Cuban cigars for the Slovak market, and it has become the official importer of the HABANOS Cuban cigars for Slovakia. Tabak Invest Slovakia, s.r.o. imports to the SR Cuban cigars of all brands, both premium cigars, and machine-made cigars and cigarillos. The company offers to the exclusive cigar smokers 26 premium brands and 392 types of cigars of various sizes, flavours, strength, and also in limited editions.

As the portfolio of the shareholders of the Cuban HABANOS includes the cigar brands from the Dominican Republic and Honduras, Tabak Invest Slovakia, s.r.o. has decided to offer them also in the Slovak market.

In 2008, the import program was extended by import of the Cuban rum Santiago de Kuba with complete year structure (3-50 year old rums). In 2012, the high-quality rum Ron Cubay in 4 years was added to the offered brand of rum.

In addition to importing the given goods, the company organizes social events offering its exclusive products, and last but not least it organizes educational and training activities for the representatives and vendors of cigars, so that the cigars are sold to final consumers in outstanding quality.

The goods are sold in the market through a wide distribution network consisting of 16 companies, and the goods are available in almost 200 stores in the whole Slovakia.

The good and professional work in the company is reflected by strengthening its important position in the market, as well as in close cooperation with OMNIA CIGAR CLUB (OCC), that was established in Slovakia as the first private HABANOS club.


Tabak Invest Slovakia, s.r.o.
Tomášikova 30
821 01 Bratislava

ICO: 36 788 694
zapísaná v OR Okresného súdu BA 1, oddiel Sro. vložka č. 46352/B

tel.: +421 2 482 406 21-2
fax: +421 2 482 406 23