Non-profit organization OMNIA

Non-profit organization OMNIA provides individual support of socially deprived families with handicapped children. Help is provided through reimbursement of therapies in rehabilitation and treatment facilities, reimbursement of transport expenses, medicines and medical devices.
Within providing help to legal entities, material support of The Dormitory of St. Vincent de Paul is priority. We support the homeless in the dormitory in the form of monthly purchases of hygiene items and food.
One of the latest activities of the Non-profit organization OMNIA is the cooperation with the Holocaust Museum in Sered, to which we provided funds for the purchase of equipment for educational center, which serves to raise awareness of the history of the Holocaust and the importance of human rights.


Nezisková organizácia OMNIA
Tomášikova 30
821 01 Bratislava

IČO: 421 66 594
DIČ: 2022842294


tel.: +421 902 606 915