KLF Energetika

KLF-ENERGETIKA, a. s. was established by the Foundation Deed on 19th June, 2001, and it was incorporated in the Commercial Register on 13th August of the same year.

KLF-Energetika is an important regional supplier of all kinds of energies and provider of various services mainly to the industrial sector in the region of Dolné Kysuce.

The most important business activities of the company include:

  • supply of electricity, distribution of electricity
  • supply of gas, distribution of gas
  • license and permission to operate railway transport
  • hazardous waste disposal
  • installation, repair, and maintenance of electric equipment – objects with no danger of explosion and with danger of explosion, equipment with voltage above 1000V with limitation of 100 kV
  • water management, water treatment, and service for water piping systems
  • locksmith, masonry, carpenter works

From the above activities, the most important is distribution of electric energy, which represented in 2014 almost 80% of the total revenues of the company. The total revenues are approximately in the amount of Eur 8 million on annual basis.

KLF-Energetika wishes to extend its portfolio of customers, as well as to seek and develop its production abilities in production and distribution of electric energy and heat


Kukučínova 2346
024 11 Kysucké Nové Mesto

IČO: 36400246
DIČ: 2020133610
IČ pre DPH: SK2020133610

Tel.: 041/4201700
Fax.: 041/4201702

mail: miroslav.glamos@klf-energ.sk

Dispečerské stanovisko

The company KLF-Distribúcia, s.r.o. is a joint venture of KLF-ENERGETIKA, a.s., Kysucké Nové Mesto and ČEZ ESCO, a.s., Prague, a subsidiary of ČEZ, which provides modern solutions in decentralized energy.
The main purpose of KLF-Distribúcia, s.r.o. was the construction and operation of a new 110/22 kV transformer station in Kysucké Nové Mesto with two 16 MVA power transformers and a H-type substation, which meets all the criteria of modern 21st century electrical equipment.
Transformer substation 110/22 kV, Kysucké Nové Mesto
The main purpose of the construction of the new transformer station was to increase the safety and reliability of electricity supply in the old and new KLF area in Kysucké Nové Mesto.
The 110/22 kV station was connected to the 110 kV SSD distribution system and supplies electricity to the 22 kV local distribution system KLF – ENERGETIKA, a.s.
This separated the 22 kV voltage system of the SSD and KLF-ENERGETIKA and eliminated power outages on the extensive 22 kV SSD system.


KLF-Distribúcia, s.r.o.
Kukučínova 2346,
024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto

IČO: 51096285,
DIČ: 2120584851,
IČ DPH: SK2120584851

Tel. 041/420 1701,
Fax. 041/420 1702